Friday Cupcake

I don’t have a lot of energy on Fridays. I try to make dinner that involves more than frozen burritos, but I also don’t get as fancy as steak and twice-baked potatoes. C’mon, fancy dinners are for holidays and Sunday when I have nothing better to do than plan a three-hour meal.

Anyway, back to the point…

Tonight I decided to use whatever ingredients I could scrounge up in the fridge and make an “everything but the kitchen sink casserole.” Lucky for my family, the fridge didn’t have good casserole ingredients, so I made spaghetti topped with leftover sauce and some mild Italian sausage that I had to squeeze out of their casings. Yes, it’s just as disgusting a task as it sounds.

So what does one drink with leftovers?

A few days ago I bought some Cupcake Vineyard cabernet based soley on the label design and description on the back. Sophisticated, ain’t it? The label described it as having decadent fruits, molten mocha and toasty oak. Who can resist that? I decided that leftovers night deserved a tasty wine. I can’t guarantee how good the spaghetti will turn out, but I was figured the wine was a pretty sure bet.

I was right. The first taste of fruit almost made me question my choice, but then it hit me. The molten mocha. Oh yes! The toasty oak. There it is! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Ok, so the spaghetti wasn’t half bad, but the Cupcake cabernet is just divine. And, proving my theory that a smart shopper can find good wine for less than $10, it rang up at a nice $9.49 (or some sort of change). I think that was the sale price, but even the full price in the ballpark of $15 isn’t bad.

Want to know what goes well with leftovers? Or at least makes up the difference if the leftovers are less than delectable? Just try a Cupcake.


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