Best intentions

I love wine. I love thinking and writing about wine. I love the illusion of escape that sipping a great glass of wine affords me. And I believe a lot of other moms out there share that with me — or are looking for a similar kind of escape. But it turns out that being a mom requires a lot off time. Whoddathunkit?

So my grand plans of blogging daily about discovering some great wine find at the grocery store or about successfully juggling parenthood and a hobby are not coming to fruition. Turns out it takes a lot of time to be a mom AND a lot of time to blog.

However, don’t click out of here just yet. What kind of mom would I be if I just gave up? What kind of example would I be setting for my two girls if I just gave up on something because I’m tired and am burning dinner while I write this? No way! I will persevere! Dammit, go pour me a glass of wine ’cause mama’s got a blog to write!


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