Save it or drink it?

Tonight I face a dilemma. I have two bottles of wine left in my rack. Rombauer cabernet and 7 Deadly Zins. In my world, one does not drink Rombauer on just any ol’ night. It’s a special-occasion wine, to be saved for something momentous like date night with hubby or the second coming of Christ, whichever happens first.

7 Deadly Zins is a much more reasonable Tuesday night drink, but it’s also one of my favorites and I’m not sure I want to “waste” it on a night of reruns and mac ‘n’ cheese dinner. It’s more of a “damn, it’s been a long week” reward type of wine.

I’m getting over a cold, the dishes are piled up in the sink, my daughter is not going to bed easily and there’s nothing good on TV. Is it even worth it to open a good bottle of wine on a night like this? Or is a night like this exactly why good bottles of wine are made?

Perhaps this is a glass-half-full moment. I could say the night is a bust so don’t waste a bottle of good stuff on it. Or I could say, hey, at least I have a good bottle left, let’s end this day on a high note!

So here I sit. Pondering what type of drinker — and therefore what type of person — I am. Optimist or pessimist? Call it a night, or break out the bubbly? Who knew an empty wine rack could spur such philosophical debate?


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