Milo’s Cellar in Boulder City, Nev.

A recent work trip took me to Boulder City, a delightful little hamlet just outside Las Vegas. Boulder City is a wonderful mix of old and new, quaint and tastefully trendy. Established with the building of the Hoover Dam (or Boulder Dam), Boulder City is the only town in Nevada that doesn’t allow gaming. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Downtown Boulder City

The downtown district of Boulder City is historic — the Boulder Dam Hotel, where I stayed, is on the National Register of Historic Places — but it is also fresh and lively with a young spirit. Since reading about Boulder City, I’ve been dying to check out Milo’s Cellar, a little wine shop/bar downtown. It has outdoor seating, a pretty respectable wine retail section and an inviting bar and dining area.

Milo’s, like much of Boulder City, takes the usual and adds an interesting twist. Sure, it’s a bar so it has Ladies’ Night. But it also has P.I.G.s’ Night. Any guesses what that is? Professional, Intellectual Gentlemen’s Night. All P.I.G.s get half off their drinks. (Boulder City is also home of the Boulder Dam Brewing Co., which was opened by a father-son team who answered the question, “What would you like to do if you could do anything?” with “brew beer,” so they did. Awesome!)

Boulder Dam Hotel

To be quite honest, I’m not sure exactly what it was that intrigued me about Milo’s, but I knew I had to go there. I ordered a glass of some sort of malbec (this was during my malbec phase) and the $6 glass turned out to be half price. No, not because I’m a P.I.G, but because I got there just as Happy Hour was ending and the waitress decided to sneak me in under the deadline.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas with a free afternoon and a desire to get out of the city, hop on the freeway and take a drive to Boulder City. The fresh air, vast views of Lake Mead and the refreshingly real feel of a town that doesn’t even have  Walgreen’s is a welcome change! Stop in at Milo’s and check out the wine list. Ooooh, and if you’re there early enough, stroll down the block to The Coffee Cup Cafe. Guy Fieri, host of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” taped an episode there!


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