Zinopolis and leftovers

Yeah, baby! The value shopper strikes again! Tonight’s find is a 2007 Zinopolois California zin for only $10.99, on sale from $17. Not bad, eh? Didn’t I tell you a smart shopper can find great wines for $10? (and some change)

Zinopolis is one of my three favorite zins – CigarZin, 7 Deadly Zins and Zinopolis. Hey, wait a minute. Do I only like them for their names. It very well could be, actually. I love clever word play!

However, this zinfandel is much more delightful than just its name. It’s jammy without being heavy, spicy without being overpowering, and it’s just damn good. I’m always suspicious when great wines are discounted by so heavily; was 2007 a bad year for zinfandel grapes? Or did they simply have overstock they wanted to clear out of the store? I don’t know, but this is one time I’m not regretting my sale purchase and muttering “you get what you pay for.”  Ten-ninety-nine is a great price for this zin, and on a special occasion, I might even cough up the regular $17 price. (the sale was at Smith’s, a Kroger brand store)

Oh, and what wine review is complete without a food pairing? I am quite the master sommelier these days. This fine red wine paired perfectly with leftover veggie-beef chili and salad. The chili’s spice bounced well off the wine’s tannins, and the freezer burn was cooled masterfully by the wine’s fruity bouquet. A crisp green salad doused in ranch dressing brought the whole meal together. I highly recommend Zinopolis when raiding the freezer before payday.


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