Can’t resist a Fat Bastard

Ok, ok. I admit it. I bought tonight’s wine for the name. I couldn’t help it. I just can’t resist a Fat Bastard.

I like people (and companies) that don’t take themselves too seriously, so when I saw this bottle of 2007 cabernet on the shelf, I had to try it. You know a winery that can bottle Fat Bastard wine is probably a fun place to work, fun people to work for and probably produces a good wine. (tongue-in-cheek can only get you so far, you’d better have a decent product or you just end up looking like, well, a fat bastard.) Thierry & Guy, the names behind this wine, obviously have fun with their product while creating a solid drinkable cab.

It smells fresh and green-peppery and has a crisp grassy taste. (Can you tell I’ve been rereading my college wine-tasting text book?) Pretty dry without a trace of oak or vanilla or cocoa or anything rich and earthy. That’s not to say it’s weak. No, this is a round, well-structured wine, it’s just not weighed down with heavy oak.

There is still snow on the ground and I look longingly at the calendar wishing for May to get here quickly. And drinking this wine almost transports me outside to my patio on a sunny spring day before it gets too hot for red wine. It’s a good Mother’s Day or Easter wine when the weather is warming up but still has a slight chill to the evening breeze. The wine must be refreshing, not heavy. It must stand up on its own so I can sip it while my husband barbecues and the kids run in the grass. Yes, this is an Easter wine. Is it sacriligious to drink Fat Bastard on Easter, though? Perhaps it’s better suited to President’s Day than Easter.

(Oh yes, the price! I found it at Raley’s for $7.99, regular price.)


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