It’s been a rough night, bring on the Rootstock

My baby decided to hang on my leg while I made dinner. And she screamed. And she tried getting into the dishwasher soap. And she discovered the “junk drawer” with scissors in it. And she fell and bumped her head.

And I melted down.

My 3-year-old freaked out over god-knows-what. My baby wouldn’t let go of me or shut up. My mind was on dinner and my husband was oblivious to all of this. Yes, I lost my temper. And then some.

But somehow through my meltdown, my husband jumped into gear and gave the girls a bath, then I put the baby to bed, the 3-year-old settled down to eat dinner and I managed to clean up dinner dishes and relax a little bit myself. But it’s one of those nights where If One More Thing Goes Wrong, I’m Gonna Lose it!

So to everyone’s relief, tonight’s wine is good. Lemme tell you, if I opened a bottle of crap wine, I might have cried. I swear, I’m really not a lush, but I enjoy wine and tonight is a night when I plan to REALLy enjoy it!

I found tonight’s pick at Trader Joe’s (moment of respect for the glorious wine aisle at Trader Joe’s!) — Rootstock 2007 Zinfandel for $6.99. I’d never heard of Rootstock but the label is interesting and the price is right. It’s a little spicy, but very easy to drink. No oak or heavy tannins and quite dry. It’s just a good, easy-to-drink zin. It’s a wine I’ll buy again to get me through a rough night with the kids and hubby. Or tomorrow night. Whichever comes first.


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