Hedgeline Merlot

I love a good sale! I’m a pro at Black Friday sales and get absolutely a’flutter when I find a great deal. So today I’m on Cloud Nine because I scored an $18 bottle of merlot for $10.99. Hedgeline Vineyards 2007 Merlot is on sale at Smith’s (Kroger), and I’m telling you, go out and get your own bottle ’cause I ain’t sharing!

Hedgeline is in Washington, but to be honest, I can’t find much else about the winery than that. The Web site doesn’t specify a region or location of tasting room or anything. But hey, I choose to believe that the good people at Hedgeline are focusing their resources on making great wine, not on fine-tuning their Web site.

The merlot is a nice, smooth, easy-to-drink red. A touch of coffee and maybe a little chocolate, but no heavy oak. I actually prefer a dry oaky red, but this merlot is very nicely balanced between fruity and earthy without the intrusion of oak. It’s easy to drink on its own, but went very nicely with our barbecued chicken, artichoke, garlic bread dinner (God love a husband who can cook!).


2 thoughts on “Hedgeline Merlot

    • Man does not live by bread alone… hence the full dinner. And of course no one would eat garlic bread at a wine tasting, thankfully this wasn’t a tasting, it was our meal. And the wine paired perfectly.

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