SuperBowl sans vino

My husband accuses me of being hoity-toity because I like going to wine bars and I belong to a cooking club. (I say, those who use “hoity-toity” shouldn’t throw stones!) I reminded him that the last dish I took to my cooking club included Cheez Whiz, and one really can’t be a snob when cooking with Cheez Whiz. (Don’t judge — the theme of the club that night was SuperBowl Foods, and mine happened to be a cheesy-crab spread.)

And to further prove that I’ m not a hoity-toity snob, I am not drinking wine today, SuperBowl Sunday. No, even I can acknowledge that wine has no place next to nachos, hot wings and pizza. Today is all about the beer. Microbrews, of course, because I do have standards, after all!


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