Hannah Nicole in my glass and on my plate

Ahhh, there are few things better in life than a husband who makes a killer dinner while I entertain the kids. I sipped a Hannah Nicole 2007 Le Melange Blanc (a mix of varietals) and played “Olympic ice skater” with my 3-year-old while my husband played in the kitchen. If you’ve never heard of this game, don’t worry, we made it up. My daughter holds onto my hand and jumps and prances around the living room like a figure skater, or runs back and forth across the living room yelling “speed skate!” She was quite pleased to win the gold in both disciplines.

Anyway, I saw my husband usurp my wine and toss a splash of the Hannah Nicole into his mystery dish on the stove, and I almost protested, but it smelled so damn good, I couldn’t interrupt his genius. Turns out he made a chicken alfredo, adding white wine and cream cheese to the bottled alfredo sauce. He sauteed red peppers, onion and garlic and added that for garnish. I love that he can cook! (I’m a pretty good cook myself, but I’m just good at following a recipe, he INVENTS dishes!)

The Hannah Nicole added a wonderful depth to the alfredo sauce, although I am philosophically opposed to using good wine in cooking. Wine is meant to be drunk (drinken? Where’s Grammar Girl when I need her?) and should only be used in food when it’s either that or pour it down the drain.

So I regained possession of the bottle and enjoyed as it was meant to be enjoyed — out of a glass!

It has a crisp, fruity taste but isn’t too watery and light. Almost a melon tinge, but not heavy (I hate melon, so I’m particularly sensitive to it in wines) — more pear and apple than melon. And it has just a hint of a buttery finish without being weighed down.

I found this selection at Ben’s Fine Wine & Liquor, which I believe is local to northern Nevada, for $8.99. A great value wine! This will become a regular on my wine rack this summer, and probably in my husband’s recipes.


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