Twitter tasting

I have become a bit of a nerd. I am dying to get a netbook so I can blog and tweet on the road and I’m addicted to my BlackBerry. I love reading about new technology and have jumped into the online social network with both feet (and legs and torse and am pretty much up to my neck now).

So when I heard about a Twitter wine-tasting, I thought it might be fun. The topic of the tasting (organized by @RickBakas — see how I referred to him by his Twitter name? Yeah, that’s right. I’m hardcore.) was California cabernets. People from all over the world tasted any California cabernet they wanted and tweeted about it during a three-hour span. Some people met at wineries and tweeted from there. Others, like me, juggled kids and dinner while trying to decipher the flavors in the wine from home. Everyone labeled their posts with the #calicabs hashtag so we could all follow the conversations. Wineries joined the fun and tweeted about their own cabs. Hundreds of people joined in… and it was fun.

Yes, I am a total geek, and I’ll state it proudly. It was fun!

Tonight was another tasting, this time focused on sauvignon blancs. I admit I’m not a big fan of white wines. They’re usually too sweet, and I just don’t like the burst of fruit and sugar I associate with white wines. But I’m trying to keep my mind open, and an online tasting like tonight’s helped open my eyes to the differences in wine, not just the varietals, but in the regions too.

I learned that New Zealand dominates in sauvignon blanc… at least in tonight’s Twitter community. But I also learned that France and Napa are notable sauv blanc regions too. And that the sweetness I’m not sure I liked in tonight’s sauv blanc is perhaps more about the region than the grape. Now I’m dying to try sauvignon blancs from other regions and compare them. I’m dying to learn more about the grape and figure out exactly what distinguishes it from, say, a chardonnay or pinot grigio.

The next Twitter tasting is April 1, and it’s about blended wines. I want to plan better for that one and tweet from a wine bar, tasting several different wines. Or maybe plan a dinner to complement the wine. (I learned tonight that the split pea soup I made for dinner is a horrendous complement to sauvignon blanc and I should have made a spicy Thai-inspired dish.)

So here I am, on my laptop feverishly typing away while the hubby bathes the baby. I’m checking my Twitter feed between paragraphs and thinking about checking Facebook before I log off for the night (except I don’t actually log off because I check e-mail, Facebook and Twitter on my BlackBerry throughout the night).

I have a feeling I’ll need Internet rehab before any sort of wino-treatment program!


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