Apothic red

A friend who works in the wine industry sent me a bottle of wine to try — Apothic Red, bottled by Apothic Wines in Healdsburg, Calif. It seems to only be available online at the Barrel Room for $13.99. And while I’m not a big fan of shipping and handling costs, this wine is worth it! (and maybe if I order enough of it, they’ll make it available at wine shops too!)

The wine is a deep, thick, dark cherry red — the stuff Hollywood movies are made of. Swirl and sniff. Yum. (Note to self: putting your nose in the wine is an expression, don’t actually put your nose in the wine. It burns.) It has a woody quality without being oaky. More campfire than oak-barrel.

The taste is basically my ultimate wish-list in wine. Wood, coffee, cigar, dark cherry and the slightest hint of green bean, which adds a refreshing quality to the dark fruit.

My gut reaction is to love this wine but protest its online-only availability. Then I realized the other Internet windows I have open right now are Zappos.com (because I really need a good pair of running shoes) and BestBuy.com (because I lost my camera and need to replace it). And I realized that online shopping is basically what I do now. I don’t have much time to go to a store, unless it’s the grocery store and I can distract my daughters with candy and juice boxes. I rarely shop for fun anymore, and I have never dragged my children into a liquor store or wine shop to find a great bottle of wine. So why would I ever question the convenience of buying wine online? I’ve been dying to join the Sunset magazine wine club because I want wine delivered to my door rather than have to shop for it. Who am I kidding? Online wine is perfect for me!

I’m going to save the last glass in the bottle for tomorrow night to see if 24 hours changes it at all, but it’s hard to not pour  that last bit and savor the smoky blend of syrah, zinfandel and merlot while I go order a few more bottles. This one is definitely going on Mama’s wine rack!

Updated: Apothic Red is now widely available in grocery stores in the $8 vicinity. Yeah, baby!


4 thoughts on “Apothic red

  1. Sounds like I’ll have a good excuse to “review” it again this summer! (i.e. down the whole bottle in the name of research). Thanks for the heads-up, Melany!

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