Firefly Ridge merlot, funny and pudgy

I love making pizza at home. It’s easy, fairly healthy and a good family activity. And it’s tasty. I picked up a bottle of Firefly Ridge merlot (on sale for $6.99 at Safeway) and wasn’t blown away, but it really made me crave homemade pizza. That’s a good sign.

The wine itself isn’t that exciting. The aroma is ok — berries and light nuttiness, maybe almonds — nothing to write home (or online) about. The taste is also ok — bright cherry with tangy acidity mellowed by almond. I swirl and sip thinking that this wine is not one of my top picks for the week, and thank God I only paid $6.99.

Then I pause. Wait. I only paid $6.99. I’m not pouring it down the drain. I’m actually on my second glass. And I really want to make pizza. It’s the perfect homemade-pizza wine. Sure, it’s not mind-blowing, but at under $8, I can handle not mind-blowing. (I’m married, I can settle for satisfactory!) And I can really appreciate stable. This is a good, stable wine that may not impress company, but it’ll pass for a Tuesday night when I’m busy getting the kids fed and bathed. I’m busy trying not to burn dinner and finding some sort of relief in an inexpensive  yet dependable merlot.

And you know. The more I think about it, the more I like this merlot. It’s not the tall, dark, mysterious stranger you call a girlfriend about. It’s the funny, kinda pudgy guy who made you laugh all night long and who you kinda want to call even though you can’t quite explain your interest in him.

I suppose that could be interpreted as judgmental and harsh. Who wants to be the funny, pudgy guy someone settles for? But then again, the funny, pudgy guy still gets the girl.


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