Lucky – or lame – Duck

I’ve been drinking some wines above my $10 limit lately, so I decided to make up for it by finding the cheapest wine I could find and still imagine myself drinking. That led me to the bottom shelf at Walmart and an interesting-looking shiraz by Lucky Duck. At $3.99, it was among the cheapest brands there, and I was impressed that the options included a shiraz (rather than the standard chardonnay = white and merlot = red).

The aroma is a little tart, a little jammy. The taste is, well, $3.99. It has a mossy quality that I’m not sure is intentional. The fruit is tart at first, then bitter on the back end. I’d describe it in more detail, but I really don’t want to drink anymore of it.

Interestingly, I can’t find a Lucky Duck Web site, so I don’t know who bottles it or where. Christopher Foundas, an I.T. consultant of all things!, blogged about it too. While I disagree with his assertion that it has “great taste,” he does a great job discussing Lucky Duck’s lack of online presence.

If you’re looking for a really cheap bottle of wine to just get the job done, this will work. But it won’t be making it onto my wine rack again.


2 thoughts on “Lucky – or lame – Duck

  1. Hi and thanks for the mention, Bethany. Yes, believe it or not, Consultants drink almost as much as lawyers when our per diem travel expense rates allow for it 😉

    I actually haven’t tried the Shiraz, but the Malbec was decent in my humble opinion. When you consider the price point, I know a lot of $50 bottles of wine that don’t even come close, so for me that’s definitely a factor when I determine whether or not I enjoyed a wine. Also, an economics professor turned a lot of us on to South American wines, so perhaps I’m just biased in general.

    Information on bottling: Imported & Bottled by Lucky Duck Winery Ripon, CA. Not that that helps any.

    Happy drinking with your other brands!

    • Ha! Who knew I.T. consultants drink AND have a sense of humor! I recently discovered malbecs and will have to look for the Lucky Duck malbec since the shiraz wasn’t so hot. I’ve found $5 and under wines that are pretty good (I’m a Two-Buck Chuck fan) and was disappointed that this one wasn’t good.

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