The Joker and Pillar Box

My husband is a big joker. So I could have sworn he was up to his old tricks when I opened the 2007 Pillar Box Red (Australia) and smelled grape juice.

“Ok, honey. Really funny. How’d you do it?”

“Do what?” he asked with his usual devious grin. (I still don’t know what that grin was all about!)

“Pour grape juice into my wine bottle. It’s a screw-top, and I didn’t even notice that it was already open.”

“I didn’t do anything!” he said with that omnipresent smirk. (Really, what was that about?!?!)

So I tasted the wine, and sure enough, it tasted like wine. I stand corrected. It’s not grape juice, but wow, I’ve never smelled a wine quite as juicy as this!

Fortunately, I care more about taste than smell, and taste is downright yummy! (ah, I beg to differ with those who say the memory is the first to go. For me, it’s the vocabulary.)

The Pillar Red (regularly $11.99, on sale for $8.99) is bright with berries and jam, but not heavy and overly sweet like many jam-rich wines are. The wine is shiraz-cab-merlot blend, and the shiraz really dominates with the bright fruits, and the cab and merlot mellow the tang that’s sometimes overpowering in shiraz.

Ok, so my husband hadn’t tricked me after all, but I still say he could have. And my 3-year-old agrees.

“Mommy? Why are you drinking grape juice?”

“Um, mommy likes grape juice with dinner.”

“Oh. Me too!”

Sigh… that’s what I’m afraid of.


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