American dreamin’

I LOVE “Biggest Loser.” I used to be a reality junkie, but now that I have kids, I have little time for TV that’s NOT Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. So MY shows are few, and well-chosen. One of them is “Bigges Loser,” and I swear it makes it me cry every week! What inspiration!

This week’s episode was the makeover episode. Wow, don’t they look good! The icing on the cake is Ashanti performing a special concert for them, focusing on reaching for their dreams.

What a great message! Reach for your dreams. Isn’t that the American Way!  Politics aside, I love that America is, and I hope always will be, the land of dreamers. We’ll reach for our dreams, if it’s a simple as fitting into a certain size of clothing, appearing on the Silver Screen or flying to moon.

My dream is to write a book. I don’t have “The Great American Novel” rattling around in my head, but I have enough ideas that I think  I could provide the world with some sort of entertainment. And deep down, I think my thoughts are interesting enough that people might want to read them. I don’t know, maybe not. But hey, everyone can dream, right?

So here’s my declaration: I want to go for my dreams. Doesn’t everyone? What are you dreams? Lose 100 pounds? Compose a symphony? Teach under-privileged kids? Let’s hear it!


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