A sangria summer

Ahhhh, summer has finally arrived. The strawberries are beginning to ripen, the nights are warm, and my pasty-white legs are beginning to show signs of pigment. I love this time of year! However, summer also brings two obstacles to my complete happiness: a lawn that constantly needs to be mowed and red wine that just doesn’t taste that good when it’s hot outside.

Enter sangria.

In the past I’ve satisfied my summer wine craving with a homemade spritzer (red wine and dash of 7-Up over ice) or *shudder* Boones. But this summer I’ve rediscovered sangria. In my world, sangria is something old ladies served at bridal showers, but I daresay this tasty treat is making a comeback!

I have found some fascinating recipes online that I’m dying to try, but unless I’m entertaining a crowd, I’m just not gonna slice apples and mix a pitcher of a fancy drink. So I checked out my local grocery store (Smith’s/Kroger) and found a handful of bottled sangrias.

At $5.99, Madria Sangria made the cut, so I took it home and tossed it in the fridge. I’ve tried finding the home winery online, and think perhaps it’s a Gallo wine, which explains that this “tradicional” wine is made and bottled in Modesto, Calif. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned since exploring wines, it’s that Gallo knows what it’s doing. California cab to Spanish sangria, Gallo can make just about anything.

Madria Sangria is a red wine with heavy citrus flavors and a smidge of spice. It’s delicious over ice, enjoyed on the patio with a barbecue dinner and the sun setting on the mountains. This summer is off to a tasty start!


One thought on “A sangria summer

  1. I quoted your thoughts on this wine on my blog today. As much as I was shocked to discover it, it’s pretty good for a premixed Sangria. And I must say, I’m glad you aren’t afraid to admit you like Gallo wines. Just because a wine is commercial, it doesn’t mean the wine’s automatically bad.

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