A New Age of summer wine

Some of the best finds are ones that you hear about through the grapevine (um, no pun intended). My husband’s aunt’s mail carrier recommended New Age white with the instructions to squeeze a slice of lime into the glass and pour the wine over ice.

A squeeze of lime makes all the difference!

Hmmm, interesting combo. I’m not a purist, I like lemon in my hefeweizen, why not lime in my white wine? So I marched into the closest BevMo (fabulous liquor store chain in California) and handed the cashier the name of the wine with the warning that I’ve heard it’s hard to find. He looked at me like I’m crazy and said it’s a regularly stocked item at BevMo, meaning they always have it.

The cashier promptly found a bottle ($9.99) and instructed me to try it chilled with a squeeze of lime, as crazy as that sounds. He swore that’s how they serve it in the wine’s homeland of Argentina. Well, who am I to argue with my aunt-in-law’s mail carrier, the BevMo guy AND Argentinian winos?

I chilled the wine, barked at my husband for leaving the trays empty, made more ice, and sliced a lime. The time finally arrived to bask in the warm summer sun and try my new find. It fizzed in the glass, a fun surprise, and set a festive mood for the upcoming tasting.

The flavor bursts onto the palate with pear and honey. I immediately appreciated the tip to add lime, because the sweetness would be too heavy without a spritz of citrus. I actually added a second lime slice and then it was perfect — sweet and fruity without tasting artificial, and just the right spray of tart lime to wipe it clean from the tongue.

I’m not a huge white fan, but it’s summer and time to bring on the ice-cold chards and fruity pinot grigios. And my new find, the New Age white.


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