La Granja Tempranillo

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Trader Joe’s? I don’t think there’s a bad wine in there; enter Exhibit A: La Granja 2008 tempranillo.

This $3.99 find is a nice weeknight red — perhaps not the best player on the team, but a solid alternate, dependable and always there.

It’s a little tart, but balanced nicely with tobacco and coffee. I have been loving tempranillos lately for this feature — fruit and smoke in one nice gulp.

If this were a $7.99 bottle, it might not make the cut, but at $3.99, it’s a good find to pair with a casual weeknight dinner of leftovers. And hey, that’s what this busy mom is looking for!


One thought on “La Granja Tempranillo

  1. I just had a meeting about the Eastern US distribution here in Boston. Sitting at Logan airport reading this mails fabulous. Thanks so much for this effort. Being the brandowner, I will now return to Spain an even happier person. We´ll continue to improve here. Suggestion: go out and try the new la Granja´s: The Zebra Temp-Garnacha and the Rooster Syrah. $1 more but worth it it beyond doubt, you´ll see. Best
    Louis Geirnaerdt

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