Bolla fulla flavor

Wine is all about nuances. So when I find a wine that puts a nuanced spin on everyday flavors, I take notice. I love smoky wines. (I rave about smoke here and here.) But my definition of smoky has been all about the cigar and tobacco tastes. Tonight I experienced a new side of smoky: bonfire smoke. Hello nuance! I’d still call it smoky, but with an entirely different taste than I’m used to.

Tonight’s Bolla 2008 Sangiovese di Romagna is a wonderful mix of bonfire and green pepper. An odd mix in print, sure, but in the glass it just spells flavor, flavor, flavor! The vegetable taste keeps it spry and crisp while the smoke brings it back down to earth.

Bolla is a staple in supermarket wine sections and sells in the $8-$10 bracket. This pick paired equally well with my lasagna last night and my chicken pot pie tonight. It’s versatile, which we busy moms need! Sangiovese is a great alternative to your everyday cabernet and merlot. It’s a perfect summertime red when the warm weather just doesn’t warrant a heavy, oaky wine.


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