Lindemans on a late summer night

I could have sworn is was fall already, but the thermometer and calendar are not in agreement around here. Today was in the 90s and my much-anticipated smoky 7 Deadly Zins just didn’t sound good tonight. So I turned to a warm-weather standby red: pinot noir. I love pinots in the summertime because it’s usually thin, mildly tart and easily paired with summertime meals like fettuccini alfredo, barbecued pork chops or grilled brats.

I was delighted to find Lindemans 2009 Pinot Noir on sale at Smith’s (Kroger) for $8.99. It was a savings of several dollars, and I’ve never been let down by Lindemans. This pinot has a light black pepper aroma with a hint of cherry. he taste is cherry with a tart tannin mouthfeel. It’s light enough to refresh in heat of Indian Summer but isn’t watery or wimpy.

* Bonus points to Lindemans for having a great Twitter presence. I’d barely hit “send” on my tweet about tasting the wine and I got a reply. Love it!


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