Mighty Montes Malbec

Ok, ok, I know. It’s not right to review wine on the day after corking. It’s downright sinful to wait until the third day. I KNOW this! But I’ve been busy, people! It’s not my ideal way of tasting, but kids and husband and a job kind of derail even my best intentions. So get over it and continue reading if you’re still interested.

Three days ago, I searched the meager malbec collection at my local grocery store. Apparently malbec is just a little too exotic for the neighborhood store, and I’ve already tasted most of the $10 options. But I did manage to find one I haven’t tried yet: Montes 2008 Malbec, which hails from Colchagua Valley, Chile.

I took my new find home and opened it with dinner. And then my glass sat there, untouched, until AFTER dinner. So not right, I know! I’m all for allowing the wine to breathe, but damn, this is just ridiculous! When I finally had a chance to taste it, I zoomed right past “tasting” to “gulping.” It wasn’t pretty, but the wine tasted good and I was ready for bed.

Day 2: I made a very sophisticated dinner of pepperoni pizza and salad (hey, it was homemade pizza at least!). It paired well with the Montes, so good that I couldn’t wait to hop on the computer to blog about it. And then my 20-month-old smeared pizza sauce in her hair. Bathtime replaced wine time. Surprise, surprise.

Day 3: The husband is getting home late, so I made a quick dinner, dunked the girls in the bath and sent them to bed. (No, I’m not a terrihble mom; I read them a bedtime story and kissed them goodnight.) Now I can finally enjoy and take notes on this Montes Malbec. Finally. Three days later. Finally.

The first note should be obvious: I’m still drinking it after three days, so that’s a good sign. It still has the nice tobacco smoke, which actually blends even better with the tart tannins on the third night. Reds can get too tart after a day or two, but the tobacco mellows it and creates a very nice, complex third-night red. I taste just a hint of chocolate and figs, but no single flavor really pulls away from the pack.

At $7.50 on sale (regularly in the $11 range), this is a wine I would gladly pick up again. Especially for busy weeks when I know I might not get to drink it right away.


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