Sacre Sangre (de Toro)!

Ok, so the miniature bull hanging off the bottle is what first grabbed my attention, then the price tag ($7.99), then the description. Sangre de Toro 2007 Red Wine, hailing from the Bodega Torres family winery in Catalonia, Spain. So exotic! Such a nice way to warm my cold December night!

The aroma is tart, mostly berries and green pepper. The color is such a deep purple, I’d believe this is sangre de something! The taste is like the smell, heavy with tart berries and spicy yet fresh green pepper. While the color implies a thick wine, it’s freshingly light on the palate, the flavor wisked away leaving the mouth asking for more. Well, ok, more it is! There is just a hint of floral taste to complement the tart fruit.

A worthy side note: the winery bottles into lightweight glass, lowering its CO2 emissions (yay!). It was the international winner of The Drinks Business Green Awards and even goes so far to include as the tagline on its website: “The more we care for the earth, the better our wine.” Gotta give kudos to a winery that appreciates the earth that provides its bounty.


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