Wine for Millennials?

As I get older, I find that I fit my demographic more and more. And I really hate that! I hate that the ads I see online really fit what I might be looking for (like the Zappos ad I saw today for the very pair of shoes I’d been looking at last week! I work in marketing, so I kinda understand how companies target customers online, but it’s still weird!). I hate that I like the products that a married mom in her early 30s with a college degree is supposed to like. Dammit, I love the Swagger Wagon! Those commercials were made with ME in mind! And I fell for it! I want to trade in my Toyota Highlander for a Sienna – a mini van!!!! (kill me now!)

Think you don’t fit a demographic? Pay attention to the commercials the next time you watch TV. Tampon commercials during “Days of Our Lives,” for godsake! It doesn’t get much more targeted and stereotypical than that! I guarantee that my husband has NEVER seen a tampon commercial during a UFC fight!

I hate labels like GenX, GenY and Millennial (don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this and this.) And what I hate even worse is that I kinda fit the Millennial profile (although according to this survey, I’m more GenX, thank God!). So I’m not sure how I feel about this article in Ad Age about wineries finally wising up and targeting Millennials.

The article talks about how Millennials (20- and 30-somethings) buy wine out of curiosity, trying new labels for adventure rather than taste. Hence the popularity with brands like Cupcake, Fat Bastard and Mad Housewife. And I have to admit, I’ve bought all three of those out of curiosity. The labels and names grabbed my attention so I tried them. They’re in the right price range (since we 30-somethings are broke) and they represent fun, not stuffy, snooty wine-snobbery. Hell, this very blog is based on the philosophy that wine should be fun and affordable.

And true to form, according to the Ad Age article, I have bought wine at a 7-Eleven. Or AM/PM or one of those. It was a gas station. It had wine. I was curious. I bought. So what? Am I proving my demographic? Or am I just a smart wino? Tell me what you think.


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