McWilliam’s Cabernet

Ok, ok, I promise to start writing about white wines eventually. I just really, really like my reds! So bear with me: one more red before I bring some white back into my blog. (Note to reader: I will probably never write about a pink wine. I suppose a rosé might be in my future, but don’t ever expect me to taste a white zin and have anything nice to say about it. I’m a white or red girl, no pink.)

A friend recommended McWilliam’s 2008 Cabernet, a label I’ve never tried, so I was excited to try something new. I was greeted by a ripe bouquet of black cherries and vanilla. I want to say I detect a hint of sandlewood too.

This cab is heavy on the tannins, but not so much your mouth puckers, just enough to make you feel the wine you’re drinking. I may not have been too off the mark with the hint of sandlewood – there is definitely something aromatically woody about this wine. (I hate to mention oak, because that carries such a pre-defined description. This woody taste is more vanilla or almond than oak). Tart berries nip on the tongue but are chased away by a whisper of black pepper.

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate is an Australian winery, established in 1877. I’d venture to say that they’ve perfected the craft in the six generations of growing grapes and making wine. The 2008 cab retails for about $12, but I’ve found it in several stores on sale for $8-$9. It would be delicious paired with a peppercorn steak or bacon-wrapped meatloaf, which was on my plate tonight. It’s also a wine you could proudly serve to guests without worrying that they will go home wishing they’d brought their own bottle.


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