Acre to savor

There’s a certain level of snobbery that goes along with wine tasting. C’mon, we can all admit it. We look a little snooty sticking our beaks into a glass and inhaling like it’s incense from the gods. And that damn swirl! Do you know how many near-accidents I’ve had from swirling my glass a little too zealously? Swish it in the mouth, a sharp inhale, slow exhale… it’s such a process! And then the big dilemma – spit it out or drink it like you know you want to.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s OH SO IMPORTANT! But sometimes it just feels so pretentious.

And then we open a bottle that reminds us why the process is important. Why anything worth doing is worth doing right. Why it’s not wise to cut corners.

That reminder came in the form of Acre 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. I found it on sale for $10.99, so why not? Let’s give it a go. I wasn’t paying attention to the first swig and a sharp tang snapped me back into focus. Slow down, Beth, let’s try this again.

I swirled and mixed the air into the glass. Open that wine up, get it good and oxygenated. I stuck my nose in the glass and inhaled, snobbery be damned. Oh the aroma! The vanilla and oak! Mmmm, yeah! Then I swished a small sip, letting the wine play on my palate. Inhale, bringing the full gamut of flavors to the back of the tongue. Slow exhale, savoring the perk of tannins on the tongue. Ah yes, THAT’S why we do this song and dance.

What at first tasted like a tart, fermented grape juice turned into a complex, beautiful mix of flavors by putting it through the process. The oak balanced the fruit, producing a lightly lingering vanilla aftertaste.

Let me make it clear that this wine is delicious to just drink, but why rob yourself of the joy of discovery? Why rush something that is supposed to be savored? It’s like walking through a rose garden in bloom with a stuffy nose. What’s the point? Sure, the flowers are pretty and you’ll enjoy the stroll, but good god, go blow your nose and come back when you appreciate the amazing scents wafting from the petals.


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