Torrontes surprise

I’m a big fan of Alamos red wines, so you can imagine how my review of the Alamos Torrontes white wine will go. Yum. There, review done!

Ok, I’ll give you a little more substance if you really want it. But for those of you on a tight schedule, you can stop reading. It’s yum.

Torrontes is an Argentinian white grape, THE white grape in that country, according to this guy, who also says that it’s “aromatic and perfumed” like a viognier or muscat. This is all true, but I think that comparing it to a muscat is a disservice because muscat is so often sweet. This torrontes tastes florally sweet (is florally a word? Sure, why not?). If we’re going to attribute sweet to it, it’s like mashed-up dandelions, not like syrupy over-ripe grapes.

There’s a nice balance of vegetative tastes in this wine, actually. Dandelion, some bitter green beans, and a sunny splash of citrus. I’m admittedly ambivalent toward white wine, and when I tasted this fun find, I actually said, “Oooh, this is good!” (high praise, believe me!) The wine also has a fizzy feel on the tongue, a nice surprise for a Tuesday night! (um, yeah, not sure how I feel about that statement)

You can pick this up in the $13 range, but I’ve seen it on sale for under $10. I paired it with a very mild fettuccine alfredo with breaded chicken and steamed broccoli. The strong flavor of the broccoli worked very well with the wine, but I think a stronger pasta — maybe spicy sausage rather than chicken — would have complemented the torrontes better.


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