Rubicon Red and Rouladen

Tahoe Ridge is one of only three wineries in Nevada, and let’s be honest, Nevada isn’t known for wine. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from the the $5.99 bottle of Tahoe Ridge Rubicon Point Red. I tried this wine years ago and decided it was time for a more serious tasting.

The Rubicon Point Red is a red blend of undisclosed varietals. Tahoe Ridge uses California grapes and Nevada grapes grown on-site, but no indication on the label or website what grapes are used in the Rubicon. I found it at a local liquor store, Ben’s Liquor, for $5.99, but I’ve bought it at the winery for $10 and seen it online for $12. I would buy it again at $10, but it will become a staple in my wine rack at $5.99.

The color is a deep ruby, nice and thick with viscous legs. However, the taste is lighter, complex without being heavy. It has a blend of vanilla, coffee and green pepper. A quick swig reveals a jammier taste, but give this wine a good, long swirl and swish and you’ll discover a full array of flavors that the casual drinker will miss.

Tonight I tried a new dish: Beef Rouladen (here’s a similar version to what I made). It’s a German dish that paired well with the Rubicon. Ok, this is kind of a weak way to introduce the fact that Tahoe Ridge is headquartered in Minden, Nev., a German settlement in northern Nevada. That MUST be why it went so well with my German dish! Ok, maybe not. But the nearly dry red, with just a hint of sweet, complemented the saltiness of the pickles in the dish. (Seriously, look up the recipe, it calls for pickles!) This would be a good red to pair with pot roast or beef stroganoff.


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