The case of the missing New World

Tonight I made grilled chicken breasts stuffed with roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese with sides of rice and corn on the cob. My selection of white wines is pretty limited right now, so I grabbed a New World 2010 Chardonnay (South Africa) and tossed it in the freezer to chill while the chicken grilled.

When I opened the bottle, I detected a bit of apple scent. At first sip, the chardonnay is bright with a melon twist.  The flavor is tart but the mouthfeel is creamy. Quite tasty!

This is a very sippable wine on its own, but it really hits the spot with the grilled chicken. I don’t know if it was the char from the barbecue, or the roasted red peppers, but something in the dish blended perfectly with the chardonnay and made both more enjoyable.

I can’t find any information online about New World. I ordered it through Barclay’s Wine for about $10 I think, and the only information on the bottle is that it’s imported by Barclay’s. This doesn’t tell me much.  I couldn’t even tell you for sure where you can buy it because it’s no longer on the Barclay’s website. This does not bode well for my readers or the value of this post. But hey, I’m drinking tasty wine, so there! (That was uncalled for, I suppose. Sorry, readers.)


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