Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc

On this hot summer night, I needed a cool, refreshing white wine. So I reached for the white that turned me onto whites: Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc. I first tried this at a steakhouse at Lake Tahoe (the owners of Ferrari-Carano also own a couple of Reno-area casino-resorts) and loved it. Then again, I loved all of the three or four wines I tried that night! So when I saw it on sale at our local liquor bonanza, Ben’s Liquor, for only $9.99, I had to try it again.

Thank goodness I can still count on my judgment even after a couple of glasses of wine, because this wine was just as good as I remembered!

The Fume Blance is bubbly on the pour with a refreshing fizz on the tongue. It has a palate-cleansing freshness and a heat-quashing bite. It’s 100 percent sauvignon blanc, a varietal I’m not especially fond of. But don’t write this off as a simple fruity white wine. The undertones of honey and moss bring the melon and grapefruit back to ground level and make it a wine that you can drink all night long — a pre-dinner drink or a fish-dish complement.

Speaking of dishes, I rather inexpertly decided to drink this with ratatouille pot pie. I didn’t even begin to think about a proper pairing, I just knew what was on the menu for dinner and what I wanted to drink. But ya know what? It worked! I’ve made this dish before and paired it with a delicious tempranillo. Yes, a red. And tonight I paired it with a white. And they were both delicious. The ratatouille is basically an Italian-influenced veggie stirfry, so I figured that the veggies would go well with this slightly earthy yet brisk white. And it did.

Both the pot pie and the wine are my answer to a busy work night that is screaming for a taste of sophistication. I needed something on my plate and in my glass that made me feel like I’m consuming something of substance. Here’s to the best $10 you’ll spend on wine this week!


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