Colores del Sol Malbec

Tonight’s drink of choice is a malbec – Colores del Sol 2010 Malbec, to be specific. It hails from Mendoza, Argentina, home to many a good malbec, so I knew it would be a steal at $9.99 (on sale).

The deep, thick maroon color struck me as appropriate for a wine called Colores del Sol (colors of the sun). A good swirl in the glass will release the scents of pepper, beans and soil.

Dinner was a hodge-podge recipe I often turn to on a busy night: kielbasa, potato, green pepper, tomato and onion mixed with a sauce of butter, onion-soup mix and brown sugar. Grill for about 25 minutes in a foil packet and serve. Delish!

And what a treat paired with the malbec! The kielbasa brought out the green-pepper and spice notes in the wine. Conversely, the green pepper in the dish brought out an earthy tone with a hint of string bean. The potato did nothing for the wine, but hey, it’s part of dish so take your sips after bites of sausage or veggie.

My mom recently visited from Oregon, bringing with her a coveted gift of marionberry chocolate (Michele’s Chocolate Truffles). That become our dessert tonight, and it surprisingly focused the flavors in the wine into a tart, tongue-tingling sip. I don’t recommend making a meal of this blend of chocolate and tart malbec, but it is interestingly cleansing, leaving nearly no trace on the palate. Quite a contrast to the hearty, earthy yet  fresh flavor when paired with sausage!

The Colores del Sol Malbec ordinarily breaks my $10 rule, but it’s one I would consider amending my rules for, and it’s definitely a good deal at $9.99! It will be added to my rack!


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