Everyone needs a friend… called petite sirah

My last entry was about pairing wines with emotions or situations rather than foods. Tonight is more of the same. I had a rough day at work and eagerly looked forward to a glass of wine. But what wine could properly comfort me? And without hesitation, my mind settled on Le Lapin Petite Sirah (Rabbit Ridge Winery, Paso Robles, $8).

Le Lapin Petite Sirah: A girl's best friend!

Tonight I’m in no mood for a spirited zin or a light and flaky pinot noir. The chardonnays on my rack will take too long to chill, and I need an instant friend. The cabs and merlots aren’t dependable, sometimes there for me and sometimes aloof. Ahhh, petite sirah. It’s the one wine I know is strong enough to handle my problems.

Petite sirah is the perfect wine in a crisis. It’s dark and throaty and just the kind of friend to sit with you and listen to your problems. It’ll hold you and rock you and tell you everything will be alright. It’ll wrap you in velvet and ooze a black cherry salve on your wounds. Hints of comforting cigar smoke will blend with espresso as it sagely breathes comfort: “This, too, shall pass., baby doll.”

And when you’re done crying, it’ll say in the most deceptively silky voice, “OK, that’s enough now. Quit your whining and suck it up. You’re being a baby, and self-pity is NOT a good look on you, missy!”

Thanks to your muscular purple friend who is as strong on taste as she is on advice, you’ll remember that life comes a day at a time, and things will surely look cheerier in the morning. Life is full of ups and downs, and we are lucky if we can surround ourselves with friends who can comfort, inspire, and commiserate. And God bless the friends who can do all three. (You decide who that friend might be!)


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