Kendall-Jackson Summation Red

Today I found a Kendall-Jackson red on sale – $9.99, originally $16.99 – so I thought I’d give it a try. Kendall-Jackson is reliably good, but usually out of my  weeknight wine budget, so this was a treat!

The 2008 Vintner’s Reserve Summation is a blend of red varietals, “inspired by Bordeaux style wines,” according to the label. It also purports to be “smoother than cabernet sauvignon, richer than merlot, more balanced than zinfandel.”

I will attest to all these claims and more. I poured it alongside a heaping dish of savory pot roast with vegetables and garlic bread. This pairing was perfect! A buttery quality of the wine balanced well with onion and garlic in the pot roast and with the weight of the gravy. The meat’s natural smokiness brought out a hint of tobacco and chocolate in the wine.

This Summation is a wine I would gladly drink by itself, but that would be doing it an injustice. It is the perfect complement to a hearty meat dish. I’d like to try it again with an antelope meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I think I’d steer clear of spicy rubs or marinades and stick with savory, herbal pairings.

The 2008 Summation red is on sale at CVS, snatch it up while it lingers in the under-$10 crowd.


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