Apothic White with Boys on the Side

Apothic Red has become one of my go-to wines, so I was thrilled to see Apothic White on the shelf during my last Walmart trip (don’t hate… cheap groceries are my kryptonite). Coming in at just under $10, ImageApothic routinely satisfies my desire for quality wine at an affordable price.

I don’t know if my palate is changing as I taste more and more wines, but I’m learning to appreciate the range of flavors in wines that I otherwise might not like. In other words, this is not a wine I would have liked early in my tasting life. It’s filmy on the tongue, and has a floral, honey bouquet that would have turned me off in a former life. And sure enough, honey continues through the tasting from aroma to swish to swallow and exhale. And in my former life, I would have stopped there. But whaddya know, I think I dun growed up.

I’m now picking up a hint of apple. And that sweet floral bouquet transforms into an interestingly smooth garden on the tongue. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten roses and daisies, but if I could wave a wand and turn their scents into a flavor, I do believe it would be this.

Apothic White is certainly sweet — thank the blend of riesling and moscato for that — but it is also complex and has just a wisp of citrus and apple, likely the work of the chardonnay in the blend, that makes it an interesting pour, not your average sweet white.

This might just warrant a Hollywood reference. Apothic White is like Drew Barrymore in “Boys on the Side.” It prances around in white eyelet dresses and daisies in its hair, but it’ll also dance under the stars in Tucson and impress you with its strength of character that goes beyond blond hair and bubbly giggles. And hey, if that doesn’t pique your interest, nothing will.


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