Skinnygirl goes cosmo

Summer is here, and today I felt like a refreshing cocktail, not a glass of wine. Enter Skinnygirl Cocktails – White Cranberry Cosmo. (follow @SkinnygirlCKTLS

I love Skinnygirl Margaritas; it’s the one brand of pre-mixed margaritas that I can drink without getting heartburn from the sickly sweet mix. The only problem with it is that it’s so easy to drink, a bottle disappears before you know it.

Skinnygirl has a line of five cocktails and three wines, as well as four flavored vodkas; and they’re all low-calorie. (ranging from 35 calories/serving for the cocktails, 75/serving for the vodka, and 100 for the wine. The sangria tips the scale at 135 calories per serving. (And I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t blown away by the sangria, but that’s ok, I’ll have more than enough choices with the margaritas, cosmos, and wine varietals.)

Anyway, back to the cosmo. It’s clear (as in, see-through, no color), a big selling point since most cranberry drinks – and cosmos – are a frightening pink color and dangerous around a white couch. It’s also very light in its sweetness, not syrupy, perhaps due to the hint of citrus. And even though it’s low-calorie, it doesn’t taste like artificial sweetener. (I HATE sugar-free drinks that are loaded with Splenda!)

I love that this is something I can drink on a hot summer day and refill my glass without thinking ahead to the calories I’m going to have to shave from dinner to make up for my indulgence. At about $12/ bottle, I’ll be careful to pace myself… which may be hard because it’s so refreshing. But it’s worth the price to sip something tasty without guilt.


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