Recuerdo this torrontes

While at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Ore., in August, I received a sample bottle of Recuerdo Torrontes, a perfect taster-size that I’ve been dying to try. So today I chilled it and cracked it open, a perfect pre-dinner refresher Torronteson this warm, Indian Summer night.

The pour came out pale yellow, and a floral aroma mixed with Honeycrisp apple wafted upward.

Torrontes is a prevalent Argentinian varietal, and the Recuerdo label does its home grape well. It’s a smooth yet crisp wine, refreshing yet savory. The sugar is not syrupy, and the hint of lemon is just enough to brighten the palate without causing a pucker. Floral flavors meander through the entire sip, from first inhale to final swallow.

The moniker “Recuerdo,” meaning “memory” or “momento” in Spanish, and the wine is made as an homage to – or memory of – Argentina’s terroir. The wine is stored for three months in stainless steel to preserve the naturally refreshing qualities. Each bottle should capture the essence of its year, presented as a straightforward representation of that year, unmanipulated in the process of winemaking.

Recuerdo produces only two varietals – Torrontes and Malbec – Argentina’s two most recognizable wines. But the Recuerdo brand puts an American twist on its winemaking, partnering with a Napa Valley vintner to make Argentina’s best wines accessible to a North American marketplace.

At only $15 per bottle, this is a wine one could easily pour on a weeknight, and just as easily feel proud to serve to guests. The wine is available in specialty shops, online, and at its Napa home, Ma(i)sonry.


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