Zonin Prosecco, fresh take on sparkling wine

I had the best intentions of tasting and recommending Zonin Prosecco for Christmas dinner,  Imagebut here it is mid-January and I have yet to post my thoughts on this most fantastic bubbly. Really, my words will be brief. It’s such a simply perfect sparkling wine that my advice is just to go buy a bottle and enjoy it. Now!

Ok, I suppose I should give you a little more than that. I enjoyed the prosecco with roast turkey, cornbread stuffing and salad on Christmas Eve. And I enjoyed it with the s’mores I had for dessert. I would have enjoyed it again on Christmas Day, but it was gone. You see, this wine goes with simply everything. It is so light and easy to drink that you can pair it with anything – or nothing – and it will shine.

Prosecco is generally dry, and Zonin’s creation certainly is dry, but what sets it apart is that it’s not tart in its lack of sugar. It’s remarkably refreshing and smooth, the perfect presentation of fruit with a nutty note. The bubbles are so delicate, they froth rather than fizz. That’s one of my favorite traits of a good sparkling wine – a buttery froth rather than an explosion of carbonation.

Zonin is Italy’s largest privately held winery, and they have been perfecting the region’s varietals since 1821. This prosecco is a new addition to their lineup of wines, and it’s a wise addition. They manage to present a fresh take on an old wine. It’s the kind of bubbly you can feel proud to serve on a special occasion or just to dress up a weeknight dinner.

The next holiday coming up is Valentine’s Day, and this would be an excellent choice to impress your loved one. It’s an out-of-the-box choice, not your standard Champagne, and not one of the hundreds (thousands?) of California sparkling wines. It’s an Italian classic tastefully rejuvenated by the Zonin family.

There I go, getting wordy when I said I wouldn’t. So go buy it. Now.

* Note: This wine was provided to me by the winery. 


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