Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

We just celebrated Father’s Day in true American fashion: a reprieve from IPW13Iphone 210yard work and honey-do’s, and a big barbecue dinner. A hearty tri-tip on the barbecue called for a bold red in my glass, so I tried the Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon I found at Trader Joe’s for $7.99.

Dark Horse hails from California and “challenges the belief that premium-tasting wines must be premium priced.” You’ll find a slough of great reviews of this wine online, and consider this one more glowing review. This is a hearty cab that could easily land on the top shelf of any wine shop, but you’ll actually find it lower on the bargain shelves.

The wine is thick, the color of muddled bing cherries. The aroma is earthy with notes of vanilla spice. The flavor, however, is the most wonderfully rich mix of blackberries, vanilla, chocolate and espresso. The thick tannins give it structure without the pucker factor.

If you want to serve a solidly impressive cabernet without breaking the bank, this is a steal at $7.99.



5 thoughts on “Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

    • Hi Walter – I’m curious why you don’t think this is a cab (we’ll leave the good or bad out because I can’t possibly disagree with someone’s taste preferences). But I am curious what signifies a cabernet to you. Thanks for reading!

      • Hi Bethany,
        I didn’t mean for my Cabernet comment to sound so literal. I’m sure Dark Horse meets the 51 percent blend rule to qualify as such. However, to my nose and taste, it has been blended away from what my senses tells me is a Cabernet. If it were relabeled as a table red I still would not buy it again.

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