Barefoot Bubbly, just because

Tonight I knew I wanted to preview a sparkling wine for Valentine’s Day. V-Day is one of a handful of holidays that practically demand a sparkling wine. And today is my husband’s birthday, so that was an even better reason to chill a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly. Image

But then as I plodded around the kitchen in my slippers, yoga pants gathering flour dust, I wasn’t so sure I could really pull of a sparkling wine tonight. Sparklers go with special occasions, and fun… and most decidedly NOT dusty yoga pants.

Contrary to my nature, I threw caution to the wind and popped open the bottle anyway. And I’m so glad I did! 

The first sip of icy cold, fizzy wine was exactly what I needed while I waited for artichokes to cook, among other mundane dinner tasks. Oh yes, screw convention, some sparkling wines are appropriate for ANY night, not just a special occasion! 

It’s no wonder that Barefoot Bubbly’s Brut Cuvee Champagne won a gold medal in the 2012 Winemaker’s Challenge International Wine Competition. It is dry, refreshing, soft, and tasty. Grapefruit, apple, and pear play so well together to keep the taste light and clean without giving way to a sour bite.

As I poured my, ahem, second glass, I leaned against the sink – full of dirty dishes! – and enjoyed the fact that I was indulging in a delicious sparkling wine that would play as perfectly on a holiday as it did tonight: A lazy Sunday night. In my yoga pants, slippers, and pigtails.

You can easily find this wine at most grocery stores for around $10. Barefoot is always a safe bet in value wine, and its bubbly versions are no exception. It’s a solid bet for a weeknight, Valentine’s Day, hubby’s birthday, or just because you deserve it, dammit! 


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