Camping Sangria

camping sangria

Special thanks to Gast Family Recipes and Pinterest for this recipe and image.

I started my summer trying out a camping sangria recipe I found on Pinterest, and I should have shared it months ago. Here we are now, near the end of summer, and I’m returning to this fool-proof guarantee of a good time. (props to for the original post)

This recipe is perfect for camping because you make the “starter” ahead of time and mix it with club soda or whatever mixer you prefer when you’re ready to drink it. The recipe calls for Fresca. You don’t have to worry about packing a large pre-mixed pitcher or bringing all the supplies to make proper cocktails. I took one quart jar of starter, which lasted about two nights of camping, and mixed it with plain club soda to keep the calorie count down. Delish! 

You start with fruit, of course. Whatever fruit you like, go wild. I sliced a peach, an apple, and threw in a handful of strawberries. Put these in a mason jar and fill the jar a quarter full with vodka. I used plain vodka, but when I try it again, I think I’ll use Peach Smirnoff. Yummmm!!! 

You can let the fruit soak in the vodka for a while or move on to step 2. Keep in mind that vodka-soaked fruit packs a punch! Fill the jar the rest of the way with wine. I used a really light pinot grigio, and I think that slightly sweet, fruity white wines work best for this. Close the jar and let it sit in the fridge overnight so the flavors have time to mix. 

That’s it! That’s the “starter.” Bring along your preferred mixer, and when the tent is up and the campfire is a’ cracklin’, go ahead and just pour some of the starter in a glass of ice, top with the mixer, and enjoy! 



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