La Merika – Adventure, discovery, and damn good wine

Winter has returned to my neck of the words… (truly! We had the most beautiful Juneuary, and now the April showers have arrived a month late)… and I am finally ready for a deep, dark, rich red to match the deep, dark rainy night.

This calls for a new one… La Merika 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a deep ruby red, almost black cherry and thick as blood. IMG_7879The tannins are spry and lively, belying the soft mouthfeel.

Oak, tobacco, vanilla, and cherry mingle in a wonderful kaleidoscope of flavor, no one note overpowering the others.

La Merika is a Central Coast (California) winery, from the Delicato family of vineyards. I’ve sampled several of their labels and have yet to be disappointed. (check out this and this for more reviews of their labels) La Merika is named for a guiding star that led early explorers navigate the globe. It’s self-proclaimed as a wine for adventure and discovery, a claim I think I can get behind. The cabernet — and its sister varieties on my rack to taste: pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot grigio — is opaque and mysterious, much like the New World. There are nuances in flavor and color that could serve as apt metaphors for a land newly discovered. Lest anyone accuse me of waxing poetic, let me just say that this is a hearty, complex red that would pair perfectly with a charred rib eye and a rerun of “Masterpiece Theater.”

Here’s a shortcut to a few recipes designed with La Merika wines in mind. The cab retails for about $15, based on various web searches because the website is quite up and running yet. Yes, this wine is that new. (what are you waiting for? Be the first of your friends to try it!) I’ve come to appreciate what the Delicato brand can offer (hello, Sequin, Gnarly Head, Twisted, Bota Box… Bota Box, for godsake!), and its addition of the La Merika label doesn’t disappoint.



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