Celebrating #CabernetDay

Happy #CabernetDay! Yes, if you’re a Twitter nerd, you’ll hear that name screaming “social media event!” But hey, social media and wine — what could be better? All around the Twitterverse and blogosphere, and all around the physical world too, people are drinking cabernet sauvignon and tweeting, blogging, Facebooking and maybe even Google+ing about it.

My pick tonight is a 2008 Louis Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a mossy aroma with a hint of black cherry. It’s earthy but not heavy. While the initial mouthfeel is thick and smooth, the taste is a fresh mix of black cherry and green beans. There’s also a toasty quality, that lends a beautiful balance to the cherry and bean flavors.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to plan a gourmet dinner to complement this wine, so I threw together some pasta, parmesan and broccoli. Not gourmet, but damn tasty. The cab went well with the pasta, but absolutely rocked with my ice cream sandwich dessert! Believe me, I never claimed to be a chef, and with two young kids swarming me as I made dinner, pasta and ice cream were about all I could muster. Thank god for good wine on nights like this!

Ok, enough about the chaos… back to the wine. This cab sells in the $15 range, so it’s a tad more than my usual weeknight wine, but won’t break the bank. It’s a bottle I’d serve to guests, and perhaps keep a bottle on hand for myself.

Happy #CabernetDay!