Jimmy, Hawaii, Terra Andina

I have Jimmy Buffett on the iPod, Hawaiian chicken on the dinner table, and Terra Andina Sauvignon Blanc in my glass. Welcome to spring!

It’s a rare, warm evening that makes me crave a crisp sauvignon blanc. I’m more of a buttery chardonnay fan or even a fruity pinot grigio if I’m really feeling whimsical. But what the hell, it’s the first truly warm evening of spring, and Jimmy Buffett’s duet with Zac Brown is driving me to something crazy… like pair a sauvignon blanc with Hawaiian chicken.

The Terra Andina pours crystal-clear with just a tinge of yellow. It’s nearly colorless. The aroma is full of pear and apple and a friendly layer of moss. Hmmm, this doesn’t sound like a sauvignon blanc to me! Or perhaps I’ve misjudged other sauvignon blancs!

The flavors of apple, grapefruit and mild vanilla are the perfect complement to the smoky/sweet Hawaiian marinade on my chicken.

terra andinaThe wine is light and bright, but not overly tart. The citrus is refreshing, and the earthy spice is just evident enough to reflect the heat of the marinade but not weighty.

Terra Andina is a South American label, designed to reflect the ethos of the region: free spirited, spontaneous, friendly, energetic, and laid-back. Its Argentinian and Chilean wines are not to be cellared, but to be enjoyed on any occasion where you need a dose of South American fun.

Who knew that a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, Hawaiian chicken, and islander music could transport me from my kitchen and into my Happy Place… at least until the kids get home?

(Terra Andina is available in select stores in California and across the U.S. The Sauvignon Blanc retails for around $10.)