Acronym for millennials… and the rest of us

I stumbled upon Acronym GR8 Red Wine on sale, $9.99, at Smith’s (Kroger, to you non-Nevadans) this week. I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle, and paired it with spaghetti carbonara and sauteed zucchini. 


The 2011 California red blend, primarily pinot noir and syrah, is thick and viscous with a deep cherry color. The tobacco, vanilla, bold black cherry flavor is delicious on its own, but takes on a sweet tinge when swigged after a big bite of bacon-laden carbonara. 

The wine was develolped by Winery Exchange with “millennials” in mind… whatever that means, Actually, it seems to mean that it was designed to appeal to users of LOL, WTF, and BRB, and I have to say that I really like this wine despite not being part of its target market. Perhaps I’ll take that as affirmation that I am most certainly not a millennial.

The irony of illustrating this post with an Instagram pic is not lost on me, however.