Jacqueline Bahue Rose’

Tonight I just couldn’t settle on a wine. My husband’s pasta alfredo with grilled chicken and roasted peppers would have gone perfectly with an un-oaked chardonnay, but I just wasn’t feeling the white wine tonight. But none of my reds really interested me either. So I made an inspired choice: a Lodi rose’ by Jacqueline Bahue. 


This was one of my picks from NakedWines.com, a wine club in which you invest in new winemakers; your membership helps pay for the wine without the marketing and overhead. I don’t know how widespread Bahue’s wines are, but they’re readily available on NakedWines.com for $14.99 for non-members or $8.99 for members (“Angels”). 

The rose’ is a happy strawberry pink, a festive pour for spring. The aroma reinforces the springtime cheer with hints of grapefruit and green grass. There’s the tiniest hint of loam, just enough to bring it out of the clouds and back down to earth. 

While this rose’ was very nice with the creamy alfredo at dinner, its sweetness would pair better with dessert. I would gladly serve it with a fluffy chocolate mousse or a fresh fruit salad. It’s definitely a sweet rose’, but I would not put it in the category of a dessert wine. It’s not heavy and the sugar doesn’t coat your tongue. It’s just sweet enough to make you feel like you’re indulging without making you want to rinse your mouth out with lemon juice.

I look forward to trying another of Bahue’s wines soon. I have a white blend that looks interesting!