Rescued by Rachis

Work until 5, then scramble to make it to my daughter’s swim lessons at 5:30. A half-hour drive home, and I realize I forgot to thaw meat for dinner. Somewhere around 7:30, we finally have hamburgers and watermelon on the dinner table, and I am on the floor of my kitchen grasping for anything made of grapes, preferably the fermented variety. Image

I had a bottle of Rachis Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge, a white I gambled on in my last order. I have no idea what to expect, but at this point in the evening, anything will do. As they say, any port in a storm.

The wine is already chilled, and it gets bonus points for the screw cap, which required absolutely no effort from me. Yes, at this moment, I would have cried if I messed up a cork with a corkscrew. This night is why screw caps were invented. 

Just a recap of what is about – It’s a wine club of sorts. Members pay a minimum amount of $40 per month, which goes into their account. Technically the money goes to funding new winemakers, but to the end user, we just get to spend that money on the wine. So after three months, I had enough in my account to order a case of a variety of wines. 

I’m not ordinarily a fan of sauvignon blancs, but I couldn’t resist the $9.49 price tag on a bottle that costs $28 to non-members. For a 66 percent discount, I can take another stab at liking sauvignon blanc.

This wine is by veteran winemaker Randy Hester under his label Rachis. It’s a nearly clear, thin white with just the slightest hint of lemon yellow. The aroma is full of sweet florals, honey and lemon. 

The flavor mimics the aroma – floral citrusy sweet. There’s grapefruit mingled with honeysuckle, a delightful mix of sweet and tart. Much to my surprise, it paired perfectly with the smoky char of the hamburgers. To my even greater surprise, I found I really like this wine! It lacks the melon quality that pervades most of the sauvignon blancs in my experience. If this had just a bit more fruit to it, I’d almost swear it’s a pinot grigio. 

This is a wine best served very cold. And beware, the glass somehow empties quickly and you will likely find yourself refilling without thinking. It’s the darndest thing. Like the cookie jar that is always empty even though you just filled it yesterday. Where DO those cookies go? (ignore the crumbs on my shirt, please)

Randy Hester is a winemaker to watch, and this is a wine to keep in the fridge for those nights when you MUST have a refreshing wine chilled and ready to go.