Sequin and self-satisfaction

Oh man, sometimes you need some fizz, sugar, and goodness-gracious-bring-it-on alcohol. Tonight is one of those nights.

It’s not kid-craziness that has driven me to the wine rack. It’s not hubby frustrations (WHY can’t he put his socks in the laundry hamper? WHY???). Nope, tonight is a good old-fashioned pat on the back for a job well done.

I spent the day cleaning the house. Not just an everyday cleaning, but a deep,
once-a-year scouring. A friend and I have decided to try co-op cleaning. We spend a day at each other’s houses, kids in tow so they get a playdate out of it too, and we go to town with the cleaning products. We put on some music (jammed to some Iration, Michael Franti, and Jason Mraz, in no particular order) and each tackled a bathroom before tag-teaming the rest of the house.

We scrubbed toilets and chiseled hard-water lines off the sinks. Yes, we chiseled. As in, I raided the tool chest and used a piece of hardware and Simple Green at the same time. You know you mean business when your cleaning requires a chisel. (so this is where I earned the fizz-factor in tonight’s wine)

Then we moved furniture and Ajaxed the baseboards. We vacuumed vents and Swiffered floors. (this is where I earned the sugar in tonight’s drink)

At one point, my friend balanced a baby on her hip while she dusted the blinds. I found myself making mac ‘n’ cheese for the kids while simultaneously scrubbing the stovetop. We tackled motherhood in tandem and we ROCKED it. And that’s where we earned the goodness-gracious-bring-it-on alcohol that I am so enjoying at this very moment.

I’ve been saving a sample of Sequin Wines Rose’ for a special occasion. I’d say sequin 2tonight is as special as it gets on a night at home for a busy mama.

Sequin Wines are “delicately bubbled,” which is so perfect for making any night a special occasion. As they put it so eloquently on the website, “You deserve to enjoy something special, sweet and refreshing any day of the week.” Oooh, they’re speaking my language!

The Sequin options are rose’, pinot grigio, and moscato. Those are all wines that can veer to the sweet side, and the rose’ is certainly sweet. It’s like pink grapefruit coated in sugar: sweet with a cleansing sour pucker. It’s like strawberry shortcake with a squeeze of lemon on the top. While I ordinarily shy from sweet wines, there’s something fun about this one. Maybe it’s the hint of carbonation. Or maybe it’s just that the wine is so well balanced, you hardly have time to dwell on any one flavor or sensation.

Sequin Rose’ would be the perfect dessert after a spicy, hearty dinner. Or it would pair nicely with a fish entree in a garlic sauce. I would not pair it with anything too heavy or anything too citrus-y. It needs a hearty companion to mellow the sugar but one that won’t overshadow it.

For me, I’m pairing it with a main dish self-satisfaction and a heaping side of “hell yeah! I earned this!” I recommend this combo, it’s pretty amazing!


Jacqueline Bahue Rose’

Tonight I just couldn’t settle on a wine. My husband’s pasta alfredo with grilled chicken and roasted peppers would have gone perfectly with an un-oaked chardonnay, but I just wasn’t feeling the white wine tonight. But none of my reds really interested me either. So I made an inspired choice: a Lodi rose’ by Jacqueline Bahue. 


This was one of my picks from, a wine club in which you invest in new winemakers; your membership helps pay for the wine without the marketing and overhead. I don’t know how widespread Bahue’s wines are, but they’re readily available on for $14.99 for non-members or $8.99 for members (“Angels”). 

The rose’ is a happy strawberry pink, a festive pour for spring. The aroma reinforces the springtime cheer with hints of grapefruit and green grass. There’s the tiniest hint of loam, just enough to bring it out of the clouds and back down to earth. 

While this rose’ was very nice with the creamy alfredo at dinner, its sweetness would pair better with dessert. I would gladly serve it with a fluffy chocolate mousse or a fresh fruit salad. It’s definitely a sweet rose’, but I would not put it in the category of a dessert wine. It’s not heavy and the sugar doesn’t coat your tongue. It’s just sweet enough to make you feel like you’re indulging without making you want to rinse your mouth out with lemon juice.

I look forward to trying another of Bahue’s wines soon. I have a white blend that looks interesting! 


Charity Case Rosé

I’m a bit of newcomer to rosé, so I was excited to try Charity Case Wine’s 2008 Rosé– a new experience! I’ll start with  the basics, in case you’re a newcomer too.

The color is a deeper orange/pink than I expected. The aroma fresh grapefruit. The taste… well, this is why rosé is so interesting. I’m expecting it to be sweet. I admit, the pink color and fruity smell makes me think it’ll taste like the dreadful white zinfandel. But it doesn’t.

The taste is tart like grapefruit, but not bitter or sweet. It also has just the tiniest hint of vanilla, a nice balance to the bright fruit, and a touch of pepper.

I paired this rosé with barbecued pork chops rubbed in garlic, orange zest and onion salt, a side of long-grain rice pilaf and carrots sauteed in butter and garlic. The slightly spicy chops were perfect with the fresh, dry wine. If I were to serve it with fish, I think a zesty Cajun mahi would be a nice pair.

Just a few days ago, I swore I’d never taste a pink wine, but I was woefully shortsighted and thinking mainly of white zin. Charity Case has opened my eyes — and taste buds — to rosé, and this is a wine I’m looking forward to pouring on a warm spring day.

Charity Case is a fantastic cooperative movement of Napa Valley wineries “devoted to raising funds to support local non-profits, providing services to children and their families.” One hundred percent of the proceeds go to charity; all work and supplies are donated. The rose retails for $11.99.