Return of the easy dinner and easy wine

I’ve been trying some rather complicated recipes lately, and they haven’t all… um… worked out that well. After last night’s tasteless “Sicilian Meatloaf,” (yeah, you can’t make meatloaf fancy just by giving it a fancy name) I decided it was time to simplify. A return to the easy 30-minute meal was in order. I also needed a no-thinking-required wine. Something tasty and inexpensive.

My back-to-basics (read: slacker) menu centered around a pizza braid made with leftover lunch meats and refrigerated crescent rolls. This is the easiest recipe that can be adapted with just about any filling (ham, broccoli and cheese is pretty good too!). Add a packaged Caesar salad as a side and it’s a complete meal with almost no prep. 


We mastered the easy dinner, so let’s bring in the wine! I twisted the top on a $15.99 red I found on (it’s only $9.49 for members, hint, hint!); this is a 2012 Sonoma County Pinot Noir by Ryan O’Connell under the label Kid Sonoma. I love that this younger half of a father-son winemaking team decided to return to the States from their stint in France to make his own wine. How’s that for striking out on your own? Image

On its own (you know, that glass you drink while hiding from your kids in the kitchen, aka making dinner?), the wine is young and fresh, evoking bell peppers and green veggies. The salami and pepperoni in the pizza bread did nothing for the wine, but the bread opened up flavors of clove and vanilla. I love wines that are surprisingly layered! 

This was an all-around home-run family dinner. Easy. Inexpensive. Fast. And capped off with a fun, spry wine from a young winemaker working his magic on Sonoma grapes. Doesn’t get much better for a weeknight.

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