Oreana Winery un-Questionable Wine

Trader Joe’s came to the rescue once again this week with a great wine that pairs Imagewith anything. This week’s choice was Oreana Winery’s “?” Red Table Wine. The wine sells for $10 on the Oreana website, but Trader Joe’s has it for $5.99 (score!).

The first night I opened it, we were having a homemade pad Thai, and I have to admit, I have no idea what wine goes with pad Thai. However, the Oreana red worked perfectly, the somewhat peppery tannins playing well with the noodle dish.  Tonight I paired it with chicken cordon blue, and it again stood up well to the meal, this time bringing out notes of chocolate and berries. True, a real openophile would not pair a table red with a chicken dish that screams for a buttery chard, but hey, it was already open and I wanted to see how it would taste with the chicken.

This Santa Barbara wine is a silky blend of god-knows-what, created by a colossal mix-up by the winemaker. But he turned lemons into lemonade, as it were, and I thank him for that. This is a wonderful pour that will go with any dish, or stand alone.

I love when I find a hearty, dependable red that I can proudly serve to guests or just enjoy on my own while I’m playing around in the kitchen. I’ll be stocking up on Oreana ?.