People-watching-watching me

I travel a lot for work, and I often find myself sitting alone at a table, scanning Facebook on my phone or reading my news alerts during dinner. It’s just too easy to get distracted by technology, and then I don’t have to look at all the families, and friends dining around me.

Tonight, I dined at The Cottage in Lake Placid, NY, a quaint little bistro on the placid 4shore of Mirror Lake. The sign told me “no cell phones!” and I didn’t really want to be THAT JERK who can’t read and spends all night on their cell phone, so I dutifully kept my phone stowed while I at my lobster bisque and Caesar salad.

placid 3

As hard as it was for me to not play a few rounds of Words With Friends, I eventually relaxed as I watched the world unfolding around me.

There was the couple canoeing on the lake — maybe sharing a romantic evening?

Oh, that tiny sailboat that tipped over while anchored near shore! I watched it go placid 1 from a graceful float to a pathetic upside-down casualty. The canoe couple rowed by it, slowing down to check out the carnage, then continuing on. A man walked out on the pier, assessed the situation, then strolled away. Eventually he reappeared with another boat and set about righting the poor sailboat.

There was the group of travelers at the table next to me, excitedly recounting their day’s adventures in what I think was Italian.

The dog-walkers and stroller-pushers.

The ducks and cranes and geese.

The setting sun that glowed purple on the High Peaks and reflected off the glass-paned houses on the opposite shore.

This was the day’s end in Lake Placid, and I got to watch it. I sipped my zinfandel and watched each little scene unfold around me. And I bet I was a scene in a play tonight too. I was that girl sipping wine and eating salad in the sun. Maybe they’ll remember today for the canoe couple, capsized sailboat, ducks, cranes, geese, and the girl sitting by herself in the sun.

placid 5


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